Casino of the Sun

Where all the excitement began.

As the original pride of the Pasqua Yaqui Tribe, and the first of its kind west of the Mississippi, Casino of the Sun began entertaining Tucson residents as the Bingo Club in 1982. Quickly growing in popularity, it became a local staple of entertainment. Today, Casino of the Sun offers more than 300 slot machines, including electronic blackjack.

In addition to players enjoying their time in the casino, they can also enjoy delicious Mexican fare and a full menu of breakfast, lunch, and dinner at Casino of the Sun’s Sunflower Café.

Casino of the Sun is located in South West Tucson East of Casino Del Sol Resort.

Casino of the Sun
7406 S. Camino del Oeste
Tucson, Arizona 85746
(520) 883-1700

Sunflower Café

Located at Casino of the Sun, Sunflower Café serves everything from breakfast omelets to lunchtime salads, burgers, and Mexican fare.