Casino Del Sol is proud to serve our very own Buffalo Trace bourbon blend, hand-selected by our resident  mixologist Aaron DeFeo.

We invite you to try our special blend of Buffalo Trace Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey with a special, limited time, price of just $5, all-day long at Casino Del Sol. Buffalo Trace is distilled, aged and bottled at one of the longest running and the most highly praised distilleries in the world. Their bourbons are made from the finest ingredients and is aged until the peak of maturity for years in oak barrels. This bourbon is a rich and sophisticated spirit, with a flavor traced with candied fruit, toffee and vanilla. It finishes smoothly as it lingers on your palate in one of the signature characteristics of Buffalo Trace Bourbon that, for centuries, has garnered their acclaim the world over.

Buffalo Trace has earned the respect of critics worldwide and is among America’s most decorated bourbons. They have received numerous awards including:

  • DOUBLE GOLD San Francisco World Spirits Competition
  • GOLD MEDAL Los Angeles International Wine & Spirits Competition
  • SILVER MEDAL International Wine and Spirits Competition

About bourbon…

Bourbon derives its name from Bourbon County, Kentucky, the location where the spirit originated. The appropriate prerequisites to get referred to as bourbon are that it be produced from the grain blend that’s a minimum of 51 percent corn; it should be aged in charred oak barrels and distilled to no greater than  (80% alcohol); placed in to a wooden keg for aging and bottled not less than 80 proof (40% alcohol by volume).  Bourbon owes its resurgence to some confluence of things — some evolutionary, others cyclical.  To bourbon lovers, the very best whiskeys are as electrifying and velvety smooth. Bourbon is a rich and sophisticated spirit that is incredibly smooth and ideal in timeless cocktails or simply just imbibed by itself.

Bourbon is created from a mash-bill of Native indian Corn, chosen rye grains, and malted barley.  It’s an American whisky (not to be mistaken with common whiskey) constructed from corn, rye and barley, together with water.    It’s America’s indigenous spirit and enjoys the story and tradition that originates with all the cultures of Kentucky’s very first settlers.  It really is undoubtedly democratic—the only true American spirit.  This is the quintessential American whiskey and also the drink of preference of countless Southerners.

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