Casino Del Sol Resort Might Just Be The Perfect Tucson, Arizona Wedding Venue

Things to Consider when planning a wedding:

1. How many guests do you want, and how mobile are they?

Is your fantasy to have a small intimate wedding or a full blown gigantic production? Your idea of an ideal wedding may have a dramatic effect on your decision. Remember that even though your wedding day is about you, it’s also about your guests. Do your closest friends have small children and will the location be able to accommodate them? That wild adventure wedding, held at the mouth of an active volcano may not work out well for your elderly grandparents. It’s important that your location can accommodate all of your guests and their different needs.

2. Do you want a religious ceremony?

Some couples desire a traditional religious ceremony in a place of worship, but consider where the reception should be held. Many religious establishments have very stringent rules regarding decorations, flowers and even skin-baring dresses. Do you want to burden your guests with these somewhat conservative rules? Unless you and your fiancé share identical religious beliefs you may want to consider having the ceremony at a neutral location. Discuss the idea early, and consider the facilities at Casino Del Sol Resort.

If organized religion isn’t a primary focus in your lives, but you want to incorporate an element of spiritualism, consider a beautiful natural setting. A poolside ceremony at Casino Del Sol can be a gorgeous backdrop to a lifetime commitment.

3. How much effort do you want to take on?

Depending on where you hold your nuptials, you may have to do quite a bit of planning yourself. Before you commit to an “I do”-it-yourself undertaking, weigh the pluses and minuses of the options:

  • Do you want to have to worry about every single detail from salad forks to dinner napkins?
  • Or you would prefer to have our professional staff at Casino Del Sol take care of all of the details for your special day?

Why not contact one of our experienced wedding planners today and see how we can take the worries out of your once in a lifetime event. Please call Mark Scheller, Vice President of Sales at 520-838-6698 to begin planning the wedding of your dreams in Tucson, Arizona.

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