Jay Pérez / Los Super Reyes

Conference Center
This event was held 07/05/2014.

Male Vocalist of the Year: 2000, 2001, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006

Male Entertainer of the Year: 2001, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007

Tejano fans admire Jay Pérez for his soulful singing and strong personality. Now he’s using his talent and experience to start fresh with his own label and exert more creative control.Jay, known as “The Voice,” sounds better than ever on the 14 tracks of his new CD Mi Destino. The first release on his new label, La Voice Records, Mi Destino shows a confident artist who knows his strengths and isn’t afraid to take risks.

Creative control allows your soul to breathe,” he says. “On my previous projects, I’ve always shared input from other people, as to how I would sing a song or how many harmonies to put in the song. But with this project, I had complete creative control and with that came all kinds of ideas.”

Mi Destino features brassy Tejano rancheras, cumbias, soulful ballads, a cover of Tierra’s 1981 hit “Together” and a country track. The first single is cumbia “No Me Dejes” and the second single is the ranchera title track. “I consider this album my most versatile album yet,” Jay says. “I put a lot of what I love to do into one album. This album definitely has something for everyone.”

The renowned sax man Val Maltos and arranger Sinuhe Aussenac produced the CD, which was recorded at San Antonio’s Reel Tracks Studio. Both producers understand the intersection between Tejano and R&B, a musical fusion that’s always been Jay’s strong point. Keyboardist Jerry de la Rosa, who’s worked with Jay for years, also contributed to the album.

Born and based in San Antonio, Jay Pérez made a name for himself in Tejano music singing lead for the legendary Latin Breed. From there he went on to a successful stint as vocalist for David Lee Garza y Los Musicales, providing a memorable stamp to hits such as “Qué Tristeza” and “Hasta Cuando.”

Jay went solo in late 1992, and became one of Tejano’s most consistently successful stars, both commercially and critically. In 1994, he was the Billboard Latin Music Award winner for best new artist, Regional Mexican. Eight of his solo albums have made the Billboard Latin charts, with his 2002 release Hombre en la Luna hitting the Top 15. In the meantime, he’s compiled an enviable list of hits, including “Si Te Portas Mal,” “Hoy Soy Feliz” and “Quiero Ser Viejo” to name just a few.

But to really appreciate Jay Pérez it’s important to see him live, watch his rapport with the audience, and dance to his music. He is a true original in a music industry increasingly stifled by superficial product.

The hardest struggle of my career is staying true to myself,” he says. “It gets hard because the music world can sometimes be so political. I’m not a political type of person – I do and say what I feel to be right in my heart and I’ve learned that people sometimes don’t always take well to the truth.”