World Fighting Federation Mixed Martial Arts

AVA Amphitheater
This event was held 10/22/2011.



The Arizona desert heat has become a blazing kiln capable of forging the most hardened of warriors who can compete on the grandest of stages. The sport of Mixed Martial Arts boasts more than one Champion and many elite competitors with Arizona ties.

Imagine the crop of fighters that is coming behind them. When elite competitors like Ryan Bader, or Ben Askren make their legacies under the scorching desert sun, they leave in their wake a wealth of influence that takes hold within the next generation of warriors.

Many up and coming athletes in the southwest have gained invaluable insight and experience by taking influence from many top fighters in this sport. Seeing their predecessors find such success at the highest levels drives them to follow closely in their footsteps.

They can be found blazing their own trails in Tucson Arizona under the bright lights of Arizona’s premier MMA fighting organization, The World Fighting Federation. Inside the cage of the WFF, fight fans will find influences ranging from Cain Velasquez to Dominick Cruz.

Such has been apparent across the WFF’s first four shows. With stellar performance upon stellar performance, the matchmaking combined with the heart and technique of WFF athletes has become the catalyst for a very unique and explosive type of hand to hand combat.

The staff of the WFF are now looking to improve upon near perfection as they enter their fifth event ever. As this is their fifth event it is fitting that they offer an unprecedented four title bouts all on one card.

Four title bouts is a strong statement for any MMA organization, but very few can boast such an event and offer not only a title fight atmosphere but actually deliver the electricity due for such an event. The staff at the WFF has brought together a phenomenal line up to answer the call.

With twenty eight athletes stepping up to the plate equaling fourteen matches total, the WFF has broke the mold offering four title fights. But it is not only the title tilts on tap that have MMA fans in the Old Pueblo foaming at the mouth.

Nick Piedmont and Nick Rhoades represent one of the many non title fights that are sure to stun Tucson fight fans.

These two scrappers first met one year ago in an explosive war that riveted the fight fans bringing them to their feet on more than one occasion. Both fighters were dangerous then, now one year later they have transformed into more hardened seasoned athletes.

If their last fight was any indication, this time when they hook up, they might just start a riot with their high octane style of hand to hand combat.

Up next in another rematch that is sure to be a stunner, Freddie Lux and Matt Betzold will meet again almost three years after they first fought. Their first tilt was a strategic and hard fought battle and now over two years later they will meet again as similar yet different fighters.

This time they will fight for the victory but also to become the first ever WFF 125 pound champion.

Freddie Lux is a powerful and extremely technical fighter who imposes his will in every facet he can find a hold on against an opponent. His tenacity and his technique prove a difficult test for any fighter. When fight fans see him compete, they know instantly with time and grooming there is no limit what so ever to the path Freddie Lux can take.

Matt Betzold is an amazing competitor who captivates anyone who sees him compete. As an amputee missing his left leg from the knee down, he is an unassuming foe at first glance. But rest assured every fight fan who ever scratched their heads watching Betzold walk to the cage were left clapping their hands as he left it, without fail, every time. When we say warrior, it is a metaphor for Matt Betzold.

Both men are tremendous competitors and capable athletes. Their title bout will be sure to leave the crowd on their feet.

Up next will be a classic Tucson vs Phoenix match up. Long has there been a rivalry between the Old Pueblo and the Valley. U of A vs ASU, oh the history. In this case the WFF Lightweight strap will be on the line as Benny Madrid of Scottsdale puts his title on the line against Tucson’s Chad Dietmeyer.

Madrid is an electrifying competitor who has paid big dues to carry that title and Chad Dietmeyer will have his work cut out for him as he challenges for a title in one of the WFF’s most stacked divisions.

Both men are hungry, both men are ready, and fight fans will want to keep their eyes on the action for this war which is scheduled for five rounds.

Up next is one of the finest examples of what the future of MMA is all about. When championship influence is stated, it reflects in fighters like Nate Vorel. Having rolled with the likes of Dom Cruz, Vorel has taken advantage of the opportunity and absorbed the tutelage of the champ like a sponge.

Cruz raves about Vorel’s potential and Vorel cherishes every bump and bruise he attains rolling and training with one of the world’s top ten pound for pound fighters Dom Cruz. Vorel looks to compete against Josh Montoya of New Mexico.

Montoya is a crafty fighter looking to keep Vorel on his toes. He will be coming deep into enemy territory to fight Vorel in his own backyard. Montoya is out to represent his camp and is looking to put on a show. If he can match the intensity of the hometown favorite they are sure to do just that.

With the incentive of a WFF title on the line, these two athletes are sure to bring their top games with them into the cage.

In the main event of the evening one of the sport’s brightest up and coming stars, current WFF Welterweight Champion Joey Rivera of Apex MMA will defend his title against seasoned MMA veteran Eric Regan. Fresh off a triangle choke win over Doug Gordon, Rivera will look to earn his third straight WFF win and to improve his stunning MMA record to 7-0.

Eric Regan has other plans for the main event bout and will look to prove his experience will be the difference when he faces the momentum of Boom Boom Rivera. With over thirty pro fights Regan knows every inch of the cage and his cage seasoning is always an asset.

Both men want that title to come home with them, only one of them can actually take it. And who ever earns it will have to take it.

One thing is certain, whoever comes out of that cage with the WFF WW title will be a true champion worthy of the honor.

All in all it sounds like a stunning evening of open war inside an MMA cage and that is exactly what it will be. But at the end of the day it is another walk in the park for the staff at the World Fighting Federation as they coordinate yet another stunning presentation of MMA for Arizona fight fans.

To know what The World Fighting Federation is all about look no further than the testimony of some of the world’s greatest fighters.

Aaron Simpson, UFC MW- “Awesome promotion, the best fights in Arizona.”

Ryan Bader, UFC LHW-‚ÄúThose are good events, they are some of the best shows here in Arizona. They throw some great shows down in Tucson. They have a great crowd and it’s a great venue.‚Äù

Ben Askren, Bellator WW Champion-”It was good, they had a lot of fans there. The fans were riled up. They had a lot of good fights.”

And those are gentlemen who live, eat, and breathe MMA. The reputation speaks for itself and the WFF is looking to fill its own shoes Saturday June 25th as they showcase over a dozen fights, featuring a handful of title tilts that are sure to stun and electrify fight fans from the Arizona desert.

The Pascua Yaqui tribe are welcoming the World Fighting Federation and their athletes into their gorgeous venue The AVA Amphitheater to showcase their warrior spirit and no Tucson fight fan wants to miss this potentially stunning event.

These match ups represent just a fraction of the total fight card. With a potential fourteen overall fights, this fight card is sure to prove to be a compelling event.

About The WFF

The World Fighting Federation (WFFMMA) provides mixed martial arts fighters with professional opportunities that extend far beyond the cage. Household names in the fighting world will tell you that skill alone isn’t enough to build a career. Fighters need help developing their brands, obtaining sponsors and selling merchandise. That’s where the WFFMMA comes in. We provide the guidance and tools necessary in building a professional MMA career.

The WFFMMA was founded with a simple philosophy: “Take care of the people that take care of you.” This sentiment reverberates throughout the fighting community and the community in which we live. As more fighters take part in the organization, we will be able to provide more and more benefits. In our vision for the future, we plan to offer fighters monies for health care and even opportunities to have ownership in the organization.

The WFFMMA also makes a sincere effort to support local communities that host WFFMMA events. The residents who buy tickets are responsible for much of our success, and to show our appreciation, we donate 10% of all net ticket to local charities.