Arizona is known for its terrific weather, brilliant skies, cool desert evenings and spectacular sunsets, so the resort would not miss the opportunity to provide outdoor events with distinction and grace. To begin a 13,500 square-foot deck winds through the palms surrounding the resort’s themed pool. Refusing to take second, is a 29,000 square-foot lawn focusing its attention on the simple elegance of our wedding gazebo, set against the serenity of the Sonoran Desert.


Our Concierge assists guests with booking spa appointments, tickets to shows, restaurant reservations and will help you find many of the attractions that Tucson has to offer.


Discover the very best that the area has to offer! Whether you’re trying to get away from it all, or be a part of it all, southern Arizona has something for everyone.


Featuring renowned retail brands, this future shopping experience will once again redefine the leisure experience in southern Arizona.


Relaxing and inviting, the pool at Casino Del Sol Resort unfolds into layer upon layer of fun in the sun.